When it comes to Internet privacy, I believe in keeping things as simple and transparent as possible.

This site is a simple photo gallery, which enables me to share some of my photographs with my family, friends, and the wider CoasterForce community.

There are no adverts or third-party tracking systems on this site. Other than myself, only employees of my web host have access to the site logs. My hosting provider is UK-based, and GDPR compliant. Logs are primarily retained for identifying problems or malicious attackers. If there is a sudden, massive increase in traffic to the site, or somebody malicious is trying to break in, we need to be able to identify what is going on, and who is responsible. Unless you’re here to cause harm, we’re not really interested in who our visitors are on an individual level.

My web host provides me with an analytics dashboard that I may review from time to time. This allows me to see general trends, such as visitor numbers, and which sites our visitors are coming from. None of this information is shared with third parties. Whilst the site analytics are designed to produce aggregate data, rather than show me the activity of individual visitors, this site doesn’t have many visitors, and there’s a high probability that you will be the only person accessing this web site at any given time. I’m not really interested in who my individual visitors are, but as the raw data is there, and may not be as anonymous as you might expect, I believe my visitors deserve fair warning, and full disclosure.

This web site sets a few functional cookies, which are used to preserve a few settings from one visit to the next. Cookies are not used for visitor tracking. If you’d rather not have cookies set on your machine, feel free to add to the cookie block list in your web browser settings. It won’t do any harm, and I won’t take offence.

This web site is accessible using both encrypted HTTPS and unencrypted HTTP. For your security and protection, I strongly recommend that you access this site using encrypted HTTPS wherever possible.