I’m Andy, aka. MouseAT. I do stuff. Sometimes I take photos.

Most of my photos are from events, trips, and days out. This site is where I post my more recent photographs, along with the best of my older stuff, mostly for the benefit of friends and family. Regardless of whether you fall into one of those categories, or have just found this site whilst browsing the Internet, welcome!

I’m probably not your typical photographer, in the sense that I’m usually shooting in less than perfect circumstances with relatively lightweight gear. The photos I take are usually shots of opportunity, rather than carefully planned, artistic masterpieces. If I’m on my own, and I have time to spare, I’ll take a bit longer to take a better photograph, but when I’m with a group, I’m usually trying to quickly capture moments as well as I can, before they’re gone.

If you're looking for my best photos, you'll find a selection of my favourites on the anthology page. The albums document many of the fun things I've done over the last few years, and quality of the pictures in them varies; If the pictures in there capture a specific moment or memory, and bring a smile to my face, or those of my friends, then I consider that a success. Don't expect everything in the albums to be portfolio quality.

These days, I take most of my photographs with either a Sony A7C, when I can handle the size and weight of a full frame camera, or an RX100 compact camera when it's too inconvenient or impractical to carry a larger camera and lens. Before my switch to Sony gear, I used the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 and DMC-LX7 for almost a decade. You may find the odd smartphone photo as well, as I don’t carry a dedicated camera with me unless I expect to use it. Most of my photos are post-processed in DxO PhotoLab, which does wonders for keeping high ISO noise under control.

My intention is to keep as many of my recent photographs on this site as possible, but due to disk space and bandwidth constraints, I’ll eventually have to remove older albums to make way for new pictures. If any of my friends want to download photos to keep, I recommend saving copies whilst you can.